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Don't have much subject in mind at the moment...

Um, i just felt like writing another time for no real reason. I can't stop thinking about wanting to get the rest of the mangas I don't have yet...all because of lack of enough money. wah...

If NE1 wants to comment for any stupid reason (or no reason! ^_^) PLEASE do! Yea, i guess I'm turning into 1 of those ppl who write in their journals cause they're bored sometimes... But I'm not a complete idiot! Hey! I'm not! Grr.... Some people are so untrustworthy these days...


Gomen nasai, I was just listening to that song and had to sing it... heheh... Ochanoko?
Nevermind me...


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I'm writing just because. Also you're on my friend's list so I figure to contact to get know a friend. ^^*
The days have been odd, ne? Right now I'm just getting ready to go out. What mangas you're wanting? *curious little okami-girl*
I have very few only because I don't go to Seattle as often as I would like. Plus the whole o-ka-ne thing too. ;_; *stares at her AnC manga, wanting more and more of them*
*censored words* I got to get going before I lag behind. Hope to TTYS!
Konnichiwa! ^_^ Just curious, i can't help noticing, that you use Shuro as yer name, so does that me it's yer fav character in AnC?

My sister, right now, only has 3 AnC manga, so you're not alone ^.^

Well, g2g. Ja ne!

Shuro, Chidori, and Tooya are my favorites (I do like Yuuhi but Tooya is just a hottie). Shuro is who I indentify with, she's my age, a tomboy, and honest. Also I love her fashion... o^^o
At SakuraCon I'm dressing up as her. I'll post pictures after the Con.
Kool. For some weird reason, Tooya reminds me of Tamahome from Fushigi Yuugi (the way he looks). Is it just me? Chidori's cute, too (I just had to say that ^.~) Hope to see your pics!

Tooya is Tamahome's twin (but then Tamahome looks like a few earlier characters).. Out of the Tamas, Tooya is my fav because he's mysterious and starts off as a baddie! Plus at the end what he gets.. *drools*
^^;; ehehe..
5 days left until I get pictures!

*lol* He only starts off evil because he didn't know who he was or where he was from etc. But he is kool ^^ Can't wait for the pics! (I say that every time ^_^)


Deleted comment

uh, who is this? if this is supposed to be a joke from saturngrrl, it's pretty sick. it's probably not you, but, I'd like to know ho it is please ^_^