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Long day...

*SIGH* Mo, I'm FINALLY done with my final report for school. It took me 3 damn hours to complete it! And I AM a fast typer! Mo...

I'm SOOOOOOOOOOO glad!!! Tomorrow I'm getting my cast off! And I get to skip school ^.^ Aren't i lucky, eh? Well, actually i guess I'm not for breaking my foot in the first place! *lol* NEway, I really need to finish up this social studies project with my friend Brittany this weekend. Why do i have to have so many school projects going on right now!? And I think we're having a science test next week... Well, at least I've been getting pretty good grades so far (lesee... I think i got all As and a couple ----)^.~

i wonder what i'll do over the weekend... I really need to get more $$ for my manga and anime stuff cause a $15 allowance isn't much when you think about how much more anime stuff is... maybe someone'll ask me to babysit...I hope so ^_^

Well, tomorrow i'm seeing my older sister in her school performance. She says she should have gotten the lead because the one who DID get the main role really sucks at it and can't sing (and my sister IS talented at acting and singing, I'll have to admit....)Plus, their chorus teacher picks favs and everything and my sister and her friends really hate her even though my sister is one of her favorites, or at least she USED to be ^_^(and she does the casting) Too bad I'M going to have her next year when i'm in chorus. But she's wearing this really funky costume (there's a picture on the floor right next to the computer desk ^.^) cause she's this earth goddess or somethin'...

I need to get together with my friends just to chill out this weekend tho... I've been in the house working too much lately...
I should prolly go to this store this weekend, too(it's korean, I used to go there all the time; the owners are really nice since it's family owned...)It's one of my fav places, and I need to get some more stuff there ^_^ Mabey I'll also drop by House of's convienent that it's here in georgia ^.^ Traffic's really bad in that area tho..
Then I have to work with Brittany SOMETIME during the weekend...
So, that pretty much fills up this weekend, plus I MIGHT be able to fit in a sleepover, but i'm not sure...

I need to look for more anime sites now, so g2g!

Sayonara, minna!

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