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Language Guide Update Notice

Konnichiwa!!!!! ^.^ How's minna doing? Glad to hear it! Newayz, I'm really hyper at the moment ^.~, so don't think i'm going phsyco or anything ^.^ (even tho i am...*niko*)
Niko? Neko? They sound so similar tho they're so different... Nani? Nan desu ka? Mo... ^_^ Some people are so dense these days....

Well, I just decided not to make the Japanese language guide anymore. I mean, what good would come out of it? I'm really sorry for those who looked forward to it and who spent their time sending their opinions. :( But most anime freaks should know at least SOME japanese... ^_^

So, NE1 been doing anything good lately? I see. Mmm.Mmm. *lol* Sayonara, syl!

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