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I broke it *again*!

Hiya, ppls!!!! It's good to be back! But I just now discovered that you can all see all o' my user pictures in the past cause it'll show on the entry! I actually found that out from lookin' at my friends journal entries... ^_~. So, I'll be updating every 3 days (mabey more often if I feel like it ^_^). But the only problem is that you can only view the different pics if I'm on yer friends' list. ^_^ That's MY advantage tho! I'll just have more friends ^_~

Jeez, I REALLY need to update! I've missed so much while I was gone for spring break! Well, I have bad news. A while before we lest for our trip last week, my dad said my foot was probably JUST bruised, but it turned out it was much more than that! Today i went to the hospital (not really a hospital, but more like a medical care center) and got some x-rays on my foot. And guess what?! I broke the bone on my second small toe, so now I have a red cast on. I just had a cast on the same foot 5 months ago! I have the WORST timing. I got stitches when I was at camp last summer, I sprained my ankle last school year right when we were having a medieval festival and I needed to wear a costume while I had crutches(!), I broke my foot and got a cast right before we went on a school fieldtrip for a whole day (I was really looking forward to that, too!), and now I had just broken my foot AGAIN (WITHOUT a walking cast, which is a lot better than limpin around thinking it's just a bruise!)(which i did) 3 days before we left for spring break!!! For all the nerve...

NEwayz, I'm really glad that my Rayearth videos came (while I was gone, but still..) in the mail from amazon. I even got to watch them last night ^_^! Oh, while i was on my trip driving to and from Virginia, it was 8 hours for each trip! And it was EXTREMELY crowded in the back seats where my sister and I sat because of all our luggage (our backpacks, pillows [Hey, it's comfy!], snacks and candy ^.~ *lol*, and a bunch o' other junk...). I was aching SO much! So, in all, we drove 16 hours to get there and back plus going to a plantation, 2 battlefields, and 2 famous houses of colonial time. We also drove to a couple resteraunts. But at least those were closer than 8 hours! Actually, each one only took about 10 minutes. What a break!

Thanks, Saturngrrl, for the comments! I really DID feel loved ^_^. Well, I just finished getting interviewed for a babysitting job for three kids (oh boy!) and the mother said she call when she needed me ^_^! The kids were a handful, tho...
There was also another lady with a 1 1/2 year old and a 4 1/2 year old who called a while back... Wonder how she's doing?

Whew, that's alot of updating! Well, I still have a ton more stuff to tell but I'll finish off another time ^_^. I need to go to piano! Ja ne, minna! Glad to be back ! ^.~

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