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Oh, thank you, thank you!

Thank you all for your comments! (even though it was only two ppl basically...) I still need more help on deciding on my guide, though! I love ya all who will help me (and comment *lol* ^_^), but not in THAT way ^_^. I still feel miserable with my cold, tho :(. At breakfast this mornin', I was chokin on my food! But that's also cause i have asthma... Don't get me the wrong wya, tho! ^_^

I'm lokin' forward to new friends and comments, as well ^_^! For those who already are my friends and haven't commented, I'd appreciate you doing so ^_^! *hint,hint* (Especially Saturngrrl who was excited bout it in the first place ^_~-I'm just teasin' ya!) G2G! Ja ne, minna!

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