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Oh, thank you, thank you!

Thank you all for your comments! (even though it was only two ppl basically...) I still need more help on deciding on my guide, though! I love ya all who will help me (and comment *lol* ^_^), but not in THAT way ^_^. I still feel miserable with my cold, tho :(. At breakfast this mornin', I was chokin on my food! But that's also cause i have asthma... Don't get me the wrong wya, tho! ^_^

I'm lokin' forward to new friends and comments, as well ^_^! For those who already are my friends and haven't commented, I'd appreciate you doing so ^_^! *hint,hint* (Especially Saturngrrl who was excited bout it in the first place ^_~-I'm just teasin' ya!) G2G! Ja ne, minna!

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well..i really hope your happy about being loved.

you must really be happy.

i am hapy cuz two pples comment on me! (you know the first! and chibimoonn)

you and chibimoonn are really nice!


Yep! I'm loved! Except no one's made any more mentions on the J language guide :(. Please! Well, I'm glad YOU'RE happy ^_^. See ya 'round!