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Arigatou for adding me, hmpchan!

Tho I'd appreciate it if ppl notified me from now on if they add me to their friends' list ^^ Then I can add you too without checking my profile etc. Arigatou, again.

Ya know what totally sucks? I have to get braces on next Wednesday... I got spacers today. At least I only have two on the left side of my mouth. I also had alot of different pictures taken of my mouth structure, and it was really stretching it out... ow. iie sugoi ne. Then the put that disgusting putty stuff to make a mold of my mouth... I totally felt like gagging when she did that (the orthadontist). But the spacers still aren't making my teeth or mouth sore yet like my family said it would (yeah, real supportive, ne?) I took an advil, so maybe that's why? Oh well... I'm just glad it's not sore at all.

My grandfather came today! Yay! I also got $10 from him because i'm doing good in school... ^___^
He's only staying until Friday then he's staying with my uncle (his other son, also my father's brother)so i still have the weekend free. But I was hoping he would come on the weekend instead because i can't spend much time with him since i have school. Too bad. NEwayz...

I must go chase Mokona now. Ja

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Eh... I know how you feel. I hate it when they do all that stuff to your mouth and your teeth! I have braces, and it sucks. The spacers and picture taking I remember... plus I had to get two teeth pulled out. :X
Good luck surviving those metal torture devices! >_o
Yea, I've had them on for a while now and I'm getting used to them, tho they still pinch my skin sometimes, and it felt really weird to eat at first (actually i couldn't eat at all!) I had to get one tooth pulled out but it was really loose, but they did it afterwards instead of before they put the braces on. I can't wait to get them off, still! At least the orthodontist said i would only have to have them on for 1 yr and a half... >.<# lately I've been having headaches, and my mother said that braces sometimes do that... i think they've stopped now though. At least someone understands ^_^