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I finished my 3 dimensional research today! Sugoi! Heheh, I still have to present it tho..
I'm really glad i got o skip school today! Even tho i didn't have much free time because i worked on my visual all day, but at least i was home. Too bad it wasn't Friday >.< wa...

Like my new piccy, minna? ^^ I love it! But that's me... Credit goes to Miaka-chan for making it ^.^ Arigatou! I just had to say that one more time ^__^ Wa!

Hmm... I didin't play Nintendo at all today.. I was hoping to continue this game... Oh well
My dad's out of town (he left tuesday, coming back tomorrow) so he was taping his show in the upstairs TV where the N64 system is, and it had just come on when i got the chance to play it >#<
So i went online instead, and where i end up now. *sigh*

Three more weeks till school's out. I think. Prolly bout 23 days starting tomorrow. *sigh* again. Too much stuff going on lately since it's ending. :p I hate it all -#- aah, migrane...

Im gonna go read some manga. Ja

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